Two Questions for Evangelism

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As we saw yesterday, “pre-flood” Noah taught us that we need to lead a life that testifies to who God is.

Unfortunately, however, we sometimes shy away from telling our faith story to other people. Perhaps you might worry about rejection… I know I certainly have had this worry in the past before! Other times, we might be afraid to speak or share with someone about Jesus because we doubt our own skills and abilities. Maybe we convince ourselves to be silent because we don’t feel like we are good enough at communication.

But one of the most common “excuses” (or worries) I’ll hear about evangelism is this: “I don’t really have a story to tell.” It is a tragic, yet prevalent thought when it comes to the struggles Christians face. It is so easy to feel lukewarm in our faith, perfectly content in our own little bubble, rather than stepping outside of our comfort zone in order to share the love of Christ. So how can we get energized to share the good news?

The truth of the matter is that God has impacted every one of us in incredible ways. As you think about your own experiences with evangelism (or sharing your faith story with other people), consider the two following questions:

  1. Why am I a Christian?
  2. What difference has Jesus made in my life?

How would you personally answer those two questions? Think about that for a moment.

I believe so many Christian struggle with evangelism because they haven’t thought much on either of these questions. For instance, if we have been raised in the church our whole life, we might be so used to how things go for Sunday morning and bible studies that we haven’t taken ownership of our faith in God. And if we have been lukewarm in our faith (neither hot nor cold), then we don’t really identify any areas of our live that Jesus has made a difference.

So this week, ask yourself “Why am I a Christian?” Are you a Christian just because your parents or relatives were? Or is it something deeper? Are you a Christian because you’ve encountered the saving power of Jesus Christ, and there is absolutely nothing like that precious gift?

And also ask yourself “What difference has Jesus made in my life?” As Christians, our relationship with Christ ought to be everything. Think about how Jesus has impacted you. Has Jesus changed you? Did Jesus help you during a tough time in life? Did Jesus help you develop righteous character over time?

I truly think that if we take time to reflect and answer on questions like these, then evangelism just comes naturally. In recognizing the goodness and grace of God, we in turn develop a passion for sharing that with others.

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